Useful Information

We want to improve our service through our qualified coaches and equipment but also with the involvement of volunteers who are essential to the life of the club. The proof is that our club is very popular with children and their parents.

Each week, our trainers provide each training session in all categories at regular intervals.

Do you want to become a member of our club and join our activities? You are welcome. The involvement of each of our members will bring a real dynamic to our entity.

A registration necessarily involves documents to fill out and to provide. Rules and regulations useful for a better understanding of our activities.

We suggest beginners renting equipment to help them start at a very attractive price. We offer equipment rental for any category up to 50 €uros for the season.

Fabrice Leclerc, National Federal Physician at the FFHG, gives you tips to improve your conditions in ice hockey practice.

All the links that will be useful for your purchases, news, and spreads about ice hockey.