Women's Hockey

Ice hockey is often perceived as a physical sport, violent and exclusively masculine even practiced by loggers from the far North.

These received ideas do not make this sport attractive for a female audience whereas hockey is a sport allowing to develop many physical and mental qualities, conveying values of surpassing oneself, of mutual help, of team spirit, developing balance, reflexes, qualities that are not reserved for boys!

This weekend was organized a new edition of the operation "Women's Sport always". This initiative is supported by the CSA and the Ministry of Sports and allows the media in France to focus on female sports practice in our country. Oxygène was therefore interested in women's hockey and especially at the Quatre Montagnes club to learn more about this...

The women's ice hockey is moving in the right direction thanks to the increase in the number of licensed and high level, symbolized by the entry of the team of France in the Top 10 world. State of the art of a linear progression since ten years.

Throughout the season and everywhere in France, ice hockey clubs open their doors for one or more days to welcome girls and women wishing to discover the sport. These JPOs are intended for an exclusively female audience, in order to increase the number of licensed hockey players, whether in leisure or in competition. Since their creation in 2012,...

This season 2017/2018 saw the revelation of a training that throughout the various games has rewarded us with victories and finally the title of Champion of France in Senior Elite.