The Besancon Hockey Club is an ice hockey club located in Besançon. Since October 2010, a sledge hockey section welcoming of disabled people is open and trains twice a week at the rink Lafayette. The General Council of the Doubs is one of the financial partners leading the Sledge Hockey section.

Still little known in France for lack of structures for the reception of ice sports in general, the sledge hockey is more practiced in countries such as Italy (European Champion), Canada or the United States. The rules of the game are simple and similar to ice hockey, while making some adjustments that take into account the handicap of each player. Thus, a part is divided into three periods of fifteen minutes each. Each team consists of six players including a goalkeeper. Athletes are sitting on a sled attached to two skate blades. "You can choose the spacing of the blades. They may be far away or very close, it depends on your balance and the way you want to control your movement, "explains Christophe Collard, former treasurer of the association. Luge is sufficiently elevated to allow the puck to slide underneath.


Sports, girls or boys, move and plan the puck with two hockey sticks with one end pointed and sinks into the ice. Like the classic hockey, sledge hockey players are equipped with shields and helmets.
If bodied people are welcome, seated hockey is primarily for people with disabilities in the lower limbs. It is necessary to be in good physical shape. This sport is demanding for the heartbeat. It is particularly aimed at people who have a good lap and powerful muscles in the arms. Two young coaches training C.Q.H. (Qualification Certificate Disabled Sports) and frame the group.
In France, yet few cities have a Hockey Luge Team. Besancon, Cholet, Clermont-Ferrand and Chambéry are exceptions. It is a para-Olympic sport. When will a France team including, why not players in Franche-Comté?


3 questions for Max, 20, player of Hockey Luge:

How did you know this sport?
At the last edition of the Raid Handi'forts, there was an event on the ice rink. I then had the opportunity to experience this sport to my delight, since I decided to continue.
What do you like about this sport?
The thrills and chills and lightness I liked. The atmosphere is good and the coaches are listening to us. It is also important to keep physically active even with disabilities.
What are your expectations for this sport?
We need more redundant so that we can make real games and competitions with other clubs!


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Source: besacon.fr

Contact CCAS: 

  • E-Mail: handiactu@besancon.fr
  • Phone: 0381412121  Mon. to Fri. 9am-12pm/2pm-5pm
  • By mail:
    Mission Handicap du CCAS
    9, rue Pablo Picasso
    25000 Besancon


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