FEMININE ICE HOCKEY - A little known discipline

This weekend was organized a new edition of the operation "Women's Sport always". This initiative is supported by the CSA and the Ministry of Sports and allows the media in France to focus on female sports practice in our country. Oxygène was therefore interested in women's hockey and especially at the Quatre Montagnes club to learn more about this rather unknown female sport! Immediately reportage.

The women's hockey club Four Mountains has existed on the Plateau for almost 20 years now and is completely independent of the male club Bear Villard. Today the club brings together some thirty graduates of all ages and levels. A passion for women's hockey that has been made over the years, as noted Séverine Gaudu, member of the club and responsible for the organization of the annual tournament. "I've been a member of the club for 10 years, when I arrived there were about 15 people and today we are 30. Hockey is very cultural in Villard de Lans. many mothers who have accompanied their children to hockey and have wanted to play and join our club, as all levels are accepted. "

But ice hockey remains a sport still little publicized in France and even more so for women. Unlike some countries like Canada, where hockey is still a very important cultural sport, even in the feminine category: "when we had a visit from a Canadian team, they told us that there were hundreds of women's teams in their city and that some people went every day to training even for a leisure level.In France it is less publicized than football for example.After the French women's hockey team became world champion last year so inevitably when there are results for the national team it gives more visibility on this discipline ".

In women's hockey some rules change as the charge that allows to hit under certain conditions his opponent, but this practice is completely prohibited in women and is punishable by certain sanctions. And yet, this image of a violent sport in women's hockey remains very present in the collective imagination: "right away we are told then you are typing? And when we explain that there is no contact between the women during the game, people are rather surprised and think that we practice "false hockey" because there is not this dimmension of shots that can be given ".

The Quatre Montagnes women's hockey club also organizes its own annual tournament to promote their discipline to the wider public. But unfortunately, this year, following the renovations planned at the rink of Villard de Lans, the tournament can not be renewed!

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crédit photo : wikipédia - Gwendoline Gendarme with the jersey of the France team, at the 2017 world championship.