Gold at the 4 nations tournament for "Les Bleues"


The girls in the first place.

It's a no-fault for our Blue, who won the tournament of 4 nations this weekend in Épinal. Grégory Tarlé's squad faced the national women's team of Hungary (3-0), Norway (4-2) and Slovakia (3-1). For the second rally of the season (the first 4 nations tournament held in the Czech Republic last December), the girls shined a thousand lights in a rink of Poissompré packed to the brink: on the 3 days of the match, it is about 1,300 spectators per game, coming from all walks of life, who have moved to support the French Women's Team.

Source : Twitter/ @ZNEHockeyFem
Source : Twitter/ @ZNEHockeyFem

Lara Escudero everywhere.

Source : Stéphane Heude
Source : Stéphane Heude

The 25-year-old was very active on the 3 days of competition, with 4 goals scored and one assist. The tournament started well for the # 8 Blue, and this from the first match: Lara scored the last two goals of the game, with the final goal scored 2 seconds from the end of the match, allowing the team of France to dig the gap of an extra goal just before the ring.

"Les Bleues"  encouraged by the succession.

Saturday, it is the girls of categories U11 and U13 of the North-East zone who shared the Spinalian ice. A rally to link joy and good humor, hockey practice and discussions on female hockey between parents of young players and Grégory Tarlé.

See you in two months.

The girls will not have time to breathe, since they will travel to Espoo, Finland, for the 28th edition of the World Elite which will take place from April 4th to 14th. They will face Japan (4 April, 17H00), the Czech Republic (5 April, 15H00), Sweden (7 April, 15H00) and Germany (8 April, 17H00). Which nation will succeed the United States? Answer in a few weeks!