A player from St-Pierre-et-Miquelon in the French Elite Ice Hockey Championship


Since September, Léa Heudes has joined the ice hockey team in Besançon. A formation of the championship of France Elite.

Léa Heudes took her first steps as a hockey player in the Harfangs, a club created in 2016. Since then, she has taken flight, and it is now in a championship team that she evolves to the position of defender.

At age 19, like many young people from Saint-Pierre and Miquelon, the young woman left her archipelago to continue her studies. She started in September 2018 a degree in BTS tourism apprenticeship in Pontarlier, in the Doubs region.

Never without his skates

Léa left Saint-Pierre with her hockey bag as a suitcase, determined to practice the ice sport for which she had a crush.

The student enrolled in a club in Switzerland to continue ice hockey, but she finally found a team in Besançon.

Léa Heudes : Saint-Pierre woman passionate about ice hockey

Léa, like many girls in Saint-Pierre master the art of skating, an asset on the ice. If at the beginning it is in the formation of leisure that it enhances skates, very quickly it integrates the championship.

The Besançon team won the title of Senior French Champion Elite 2018, in its first season. For this second season, the Saint-Pierraise started in assistance to the position of defender.

Currently wounded, she is waiting to recover to participate in the next matches of her team. But Léa Heudes intends to persevere.

Flavie Bry spoke with her.

Léa Heudes in the French Elite Ice Hockey Championship

© Léa Heudes
© Léa Heudes